First offshore running of Dopeless® technology in Venezuela


Dopeless® technology has been chosen for projects worldwide

January 28, 2010

Petrosucre, a company composed of PDVSA and Eni, recently chose TenarisHydril BlueTM connections with Dopeless® technology for its offshore development in the Corocoro field, off the coast of Sucre. The Dopeless® coating minimized the project’s environmental impact, meeting the customer’s standards. It was the first time Dopeless® technology had been used in an offshore well in Venezuela.

“Petrosucre demanded that the design of casing and tubing be safe in terms of withstanding the defined stresses; cost effective and feasible, meaning that the design guarantee efficient installation,” said José Manuel Alvarado, Petrosucre Drilling Engineering Superintendent.

Dopeless® coating, a dry, multi-layer coating which is applied through a controlled industrial process, provides environmental benefits by eliminating the need for dope compounds. Petrosucre chose Dopless® in order to protect the local communities and fishing industry. “Dopeless® technology eliminated the need to employ agents that harm the environment,” said Petrosucre Drilling Manager, Francisco Paz.

By eliminating the need to use dope, the running proved clean and significantly reduced environmental impact. The BlueTM connections with Dopeless® technology did not register any rejections and did not require reassemblies, reaching running speeds of up to 15 joints per hour.

Tenaris offered technical support during the different phases of the operation. The company carried out training for Petrosucre employees regarding the use, handling and storage of the connections. A member of the Field Services team was also sent to support the customer on site, performing a visual inspection of tubes and accessories prior to and during the running.

“The service provided, the information gathered and the interest shown made Tenaris a reliable provider that offered added-value for the success and effectiveness of the running,” said Antonio Jiménez, Petrosucre Operations Supervisor.

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