Tubular Accessories


Tenaris supplies pipe body and threads for joints and plugs, while providing threading technology and services in the case of specialized equipment.


Pipe and threading for tubular accessories

We provide TenarisHydril premium connection technology and value-added services to customers requiring specialized equipment, such as shoes and hangers. Our worldwide network of licensed threading shops is equipped to provide a full range of API and premium connections for operations around the world.

Our accessories are manufactured to the most exacting quality standards and tested under international regulations. 

Joints and Plugs

We offer our complete range of steel grades and TenarisHydril connections, in order to meet the specific needs of each customer’s development.

Tenaris joints and plugs are produced from a machined tube, hollow or bar.

Joints are tubular accessories used for spacing out full-length pipe; allowing a change in size, type of connection or weight; or reducing the effect of the erosion on the string wall.

Our offer of joints includes the following products:

  • Pup joints: Pipes used to accomplish exact depth readings in a well, for any given purpose (e.g.,. setting valves, packers, nipples, circulating sleeves, etc.).  We supply pup joints in lengths from 2 to 12 feet as well as Heavy Wall Drill Pipe pup joints (HWDP).
  • Couplings: Connectors that contain two box ends and serve the purpose of joining two lengths of threaded pipes.
  • Crossovers: Sub-assemblies used in drilling operations where it is necessary to introduce a change in the size of the tube or connection type.
  • Nipples: Short-length accessories used in tubular strings for passing from one connection type to a different one.
  • Blast joints: Short heavy walled tubing whose function is to act as a sacrifice element.
  • Flow couplings and flow collars: Short heavy walled pipe that acts as a sacrifice element.
  • Other types of accessories such as circulation swage and landing joints, make-up quills, water bushings, marker joints, mule shoe-wireline entry guides, spacer tubes, tubing safety joints, combination coupling and reduction nipples.

Plugs are short components temporarily connected to the top of a tool assembly or string to perform handling, lifting or testing operations.

Our offer of plugs includes the following products:

  • Plug bull
  • Test plug/cup
  • Handling plug
  • Lifting plug

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