Swivel Joint

Our premium connector with metal-to-metal seals designed to solve alignment problems during dual completion or intelligent completion installations.


The Swivel Joint is a completion string connector with a dual metal-to-metal seal that allows alignment of the upper part of the completion string to the lower one before the make-up of the connection. During the make-up, the upper part of the string is not required to be rotated, and therefore stays still and aligned, which saves the operator time when connecting complex completion subassemblies concentric with control lines or offset.

The Swivel Joint can be made-up and broken down several times without damaging the seals, and has been fully tested and qualified to a modified ISO 13678 CAL IV standard protocol.

The Swivel Joint is available in a wide range of sizes, metallurgies and steel grades, and its upper and lower ends can be customized with a variety of TenarisHydril premium connections to fit the operator’s need.



Maintaining all the relevant features of the Swivel Joint, the Swivel Joint Torque Transmission (TT) can withstand any torque in excess of the maximum make-up torque of a premium connection, without jeopardizing the consolidated dual metal-to-metal seal.

It’s recommended in ultra-deep, highly deviated wells, or whenever the lowermost completion subassemblies are prone to significant operational torques.

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