Pipe Management Services


Our planning strength make it possible to offer customers an integrated package of services from destination logistics up to the customer's site.


Demand planning and inventory management

Tenaris offers the integrated management of materials demand and inventory administration, ensuring the availability of tubular products, sucker rods and accessories in the right quantity, place and time, reducing inventory costs and stock out risk.

Rig ready on-site delivery

We prepare the pipes in our yard and deliver them to the well or port, ready to be run. Pipes preparation includes inspection, tally and others.

Rig return

We recover, clean and inspect all the surplus pipes and accessories, and perform the consequent re-stocking and any needed repairs. In order to reduce the environmental impact we also offer the service of collection and final disposal of protectors.

Sub-assemblies buck-on

Tenaris pre-assembles bottom hole and completion accessories prior to delivery of the pipes to well or port.

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