Technical Consulting Services


Each drilling operation presents new and different challenges and our technical team is fully prepared to provide expert consultancy in string design and material selection services, failure analysis and training.


String design and material selection

We have a group of professionals trained and certified to support customers during string design in order to meet their needs for each well profile, combining the experience of a global team and sophisticated industry-recognized software. They are also trained to select the steel grades to achieve the best performance in each environment and to recommend products for corrosive environments, mature or unconventional fields, among others.

Qualification and testing

Through our R&D Centers we conduct qualifications and tests requested by our customers. Our products meet the highest industry standards including API 5C5 CAL-IV. The tests that we carry out include full-scale testing, fatigue analyses of plain end, and girth joints or threaded pipes, among many others.

Failure analysis and product optimization

Analysis of the well history data and recurrent failures in order to advise on changes on the tubing and sucker rods materials. Should a problem arise, we use state-of-the-art testing technology to identify the source of the problem and find the best possible solution.

Technical training

Through a team of experts with vast experience in the use of our technologies, we offer technical training for our customers’ field teams, in order to contribute to the better use, application and performance of our products.

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