Deep Well


Our Deep Well Series shows high strength with good ductility and fracture toughness.


Proprietary grades for the deepest wells

Tenaris offers its Deep Well (DW) proprietary steel grades for oil and gas operations demanding very high strength materials with good ductility and fracture toughness. As depth increases a combination of higher pressures and temperatures defines the use of high strength materials.

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Deep Well Service
Steel grades - Proprietary grades for the deepest wells

 As yield strength increases, the general trend of carbon steel is to become more brittle. Brittle materials may fail under loads, even those below minimum yield strength.

 We have developed DW grades that achieve this trade-off in addition to high yield strength, good ductility and fracture toughness

Our DW proprietary steel grades are designed and heat-treated to maximize the combination of material toughness and high strength.

Our DW Series is available in minimum yield strengths ranging from 135 ksi to 150 ksi. To determine their material toughness, DW products are subjected to Charpy testing at specific temperatures.

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