EasyDock™ Connector


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Visual make-up reference with no need for torque-turn graphs. Pre-installed, quick and easy to operate anti-rotational keys. Internal and external self-alignment guides for easy stabbing
Proprietary BTC modified crest-to-root thread profile. Three (3) thread starts. Fast thread taper for easy stabbing.
Internal elastomeric seal pre-installed at the mill. Liquid tightness under combined load conditions validated under API RP 5C5. Internal shoulder provides high compression and bending capacity.
Lifting shoulder on box side compatible with side-door and single-joint elevators. Optimized weld neck length for proper placement of elevators.

The TenarisHydril EasyDock™ connector is based on the extensively-tested and field-proven TenarisHydril BlueDock® connector, and is safe, robust, quick and easy to operate.

Engineered to ensure trouble-free make-up under demanding conditions, with no need for a torque-turn graph. The Anti-Rotational Keys (ARK) have been field proven, and are safe and quick to operate, with no need for special installation tools.

The connector is suitable for driving installation.

With high structural capacity, the EasyDock™ connector provides a liquid-tight seal under combined load conditions, validated under API RP 5C5.

Tenaris manufactures the pipe and connector under the same quality management system and can supply it as part of a more extensive casing and tubing package for offshore wells.

This complete solution is backed by Tenaris's global service network providing technical assistance, product testing, pipe management and technical support in the field.


  • Available in sizes from 24” and above
  • Internal elastomeric seal pre-installed at the mill
  • Multiple thread starts and low TPI proprietary thread design for fast, trouble-free make-up
  • Fast thread taper for deep and easy stabbing
  • Self-alignment guides to avoid cross-threading
  • Final make-up position achieved with 3/4 of a turn (1/2 to hand-tight + 1/4 power-tight)
  • The thread has a handling shoulder compatible with single-joint /side-door elevators
  • Up to 2 pre-installed, quick and easy to operate Anti-Rotational Keys
  • Optimized structural capacity provides liquid tightness under combined load conditions, validated under API RP 5C5


  • Onshore
  • Offshore medium severity applications
  • Conductor and Surface Casing

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