About TenarisUniversity


At Tenaris, knowledge is considered one of our most precious assets. TenarisUniversity was created to manage, enrich and disseminate that knowledge to be on the leading edge of training field. Its mission is to “build and sustain Tenaris’s competitive advantage by capturing, organizing, enriching and transferring knowledge assets”.

Training is also a key element in Tenaris’s effort to attract, retain and develop its human resources. TenarisUniversity is committed to providing training that has a substantial and verifiable impact on the Company’s performance.

Learning Model

TenarisUniversity provides training to employees based on specific needs detected. Subjects are carefully chosen to meet both the current and future strategic needs of the company. 

Once a problem or growth area is identified, TenarisUniversity works closely to determine a specific training plan. In addition, TenarisUniversity has established a global academic structure for the long-term training of salaried employees in Tenaris. It ensures that employees worldwide receive the same high quality training regardless of their geographic location, and that the training provided reflects the strategic and evolving needs of the company.

The foundation for the TenarisUniversity global learning model is the curriculum. A curriculum is a long-term training plan for a job family. It is the training road map for employees to develop skills and competencies necessary for their current jobs as well as to take on more complex assignments. Curricula include both specific and managerial training. The Managerial Skills Dimension includes cross-functional subjects and therefore apply to all curricula. 

General Programs

TenarisUniversity has developed a number of general programs that form the foundation of the Company’s effort to build a common corporate culture across countries and functional areas. Some of these programs are delivered entirely online; others bring together personnel from all over the world for intensive training events that run from one to four weeks. TenarisUniversity global programs include:

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