Tenaris presents its Dopeless® technology for cleaner and safer offshore operations


December 14, 2011

Tenaris held a customer demonstration in Takoradi, Ghana, on November 24 to showcase its Dopeless® technology for oil and gas drilling operations.

In standard drilling operations, a liquid-based lubricant is applied on the threads or connections of casing and tubing to join the pipe run in the ground to reach and exploit the well where hydrocarbons are found. This lubricant prevents damage of the connections’ metal surface and is known as “dope”.

The use of dope at the drilling rig can be hazardous, since it could cause an accident if spilt on the rig floor. Due to its heavy metal concentration, dope can also produce environmental contamination. Since dope needs to be reapplied at the rig site and requires the movement of heavy goods, it needs to be disposed of correctly to avoid pollution.

Unlike standard connections, Dopeless® technology is a completely dry, dope-free coating applied at the pipe mill in the final stages of connection manufacturing. By eliminating the need for dope, E&P operators can reduce the number of people needed at the rig site and improve the safety of the crew by minimizing pipe handling. Also, by simplifying the running process, operators save time and money.

Dopeless® technology provides the necessary lubrication to join casing and tubing while avoiding thread compound application at any point throughout the tubular lifespan and fully eliminating casing and tubing related dope discharges during storage, preparation, running and pulling of pipe. By doing so, Dopeless® connections reduce the environmental footprint of oil and gas drilling operations. This is especially beneficial for offshore operations where unnecessary discharge can have a significant impact on the local community and economy.

During the event, Tenaris technical experts offered a detailed explanation of the dry, multifunctional coating, from its debut in 2003 in the North Sea to its almost ten-year trajectory of proven safety, efficiency and environmental benefits in onshore and offshore projects worldwide. Today, Dopeless® technology is used in 25 countries and more than 5 million feet have been run in oil and gas wells, making Tenaris the absolute leader in the provision of dope-free products.

Following these presentations, participants were directed to a machine shop for a demonstration of full-scale assembly and disassembly of real products (known as make and break in the industry), an action that replicates operations done at the drilling rig while running casing and tubing. Four sets of TenarisHydril Blue® Dopeless® products were successfully tested. This allowed customers a first-hand look at the advantages provided by the technology, proving that connections can be successfully made up without the use of dope.

Dopeless® products are manufactured with advanced quality controls at Tenaris mills worldwide. In Sub Saharan Africa, Tenaris has a strong presence with a mill in Nigeria and commercial offices and yards in Angola and Equatorial Guinea. With a network of field and technical service specialists, Tenaris is uniquely positioned to support its local customers.

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