PDVSA recognizes Dopeless® techology’s benefits

Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA reduced running times by approximately 30% in comparison with standard connections by using Dopeless® technology.

TenarisHydril Wedge Series 533™ Dopeless® connections were recently run in an onshore well in Western Venezuela. The operation proved Wedge Series 500™ Dopeless® connection’s efficiency and robustness not only in workover operations, but also in well completion. Even after three running and two pullouts, the string’s integrity was intact.

DopelessTechnology is a dry, multifunctional coating applied to TenarisHydril premium connections in the mill, turning thread compounds obsolete. The technology is able to resist several make-and-breaks without the need to apply thread compounds, saving operators time and money.

"During the running, not even one pipe was rejected. Additionally, two sealing tests were performed, one at 500 psi and another at 700 psi for five minutes each. In both cases, the integral connections with DopelessTechnology performed excellently," said Jesus Rosales, Tenaris Field Services Coordinator.

This statement was later endorsed in the customer survey issued by PDVSA representatives in charge of the operation. They said that DopelessTechnology directly decreased running times by approximately 30% due to faster and more consistent make-up of the connections.

Additionally, they commented on the excellent environmental performance of DopelessTechnology, which minimized the risk of environmental damage in the Tomoporo field, which is mainly used for agriculture and livestock.

Tenaris also provided technical assistance during all the phases of running and pipe inspection, and provided training to the staff regarding the handling, care and torque recommendations of the connections.

In addition to this operation, Dopeless® connections have been used extensively in over 20 countries around the world. For more information, read our case studies.

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