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Easy make-up is developed with the rugged, coarse pitch thread and steep taper for deep stabbing.
Superior compression strength obtained by optimized torque shoulder and controlled 25 degree stab flank reduced clearance.
100% internal and external pressure metal seal. Toroidal design generates stable seal behavior for all combined-load conditions. Dope pocket allows excessive dope to be lodged.



  • 涵盖2 3/8英寸至13 5/8英寸之间的多种规格
  • 为适应各种环境的通用性所设计的高性能产品
  • 已通过 ISO 13679 CAL IV  认证及现场验证。
  • 密封面上抛物线型压强分布设计大大降低粘扣风险,同时提高密封稳定性。


  • Dopeless® 免螺纹脂技术
  • 匹配强度
  • 特殊间隙
  • 特殊斜角


  • 深水作业
  • 高温高压与深水井
  • 水平井&大位移井
  • 页岩气
  • 旋转下套管
  • 热采井 
    (SAGD & CSS)
  • 地热井
  • 表层套管&技术套管
  • 生产套管,回接管和尾管
  • 油管



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