More than a century of industrial passion, committed to a sustainable future

With over one hundred years of history in the manufacture of seamless steel tubes, Tenaris in Italy has an annual production capacity of 950,000 tons of finished products with operations in five plants: Dalmine, Arcore, Costa Volpino, Piombino and Sabbio Bergamasco. It manufactures seamless high-end hot rolled and cold drawn tubes for the energy, mechanical and automotive industries as well as large gas cylinders for storage, transportation and offshore applications.

The Dalmine steel shop is integrated into the Tenaris industrial system and the Dalmine mills are dedicated to produce medium and large diameter pipes for the energy sector and other industrial applications. Tenaris manufactures tubes for casing and coupled and semi-integral connections from the TenarisHydril Wedge series and Blue series for use in oil&gas E&P operations. Tubes manufactured in Dalmine are also used in onshore and ultra deepwater pipelines, power stations and hydrocarbon processing industries as well as mechanical and structural applications. The Arcore plant occupies a unique place within the Tenaris industrial system with its transversal hot rolling mill for precision tubes used in the mechanical and automotive sectors, as well as accessories in oil&gas operations. Costa Volpino boasts over fifty years of experience in the development and supply of high performance and high fatigue resistance cold drawn tubes for hydraulic cylinders used in earth moving machinery, and is integrated with the component center in Romania and other industrial applications where tight tolerances are needed. Piombino specializes in the finishing of seamless steel tubes for plumbing, fire extinguishing and water and gas distribution applications, while the production of the Sabbio plant is concentrated on a wide range of high pressure large gas cylinders used for storage and transportation and as motion compensation systems in offshore platforms.

We offer technical assistance in the development of products according to customer specifications and complete logistical services managed through our service centers. One of Tenaris’s Research and Development Center in Italy specializes in hot rolling technologies and the development of products for power stations and the mechanical sectors. It also has a unique creep laboratory to study the behavior of its materials in highly corrosive environments and steam oxidation resistance when used in the latest generation of high efficiency power stations.

Tenaris's facilities in Italy hold OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) certification, an international standard for the employee health and safety management systems as well as ISO 50001 Certification. It also complies with international energy efficiency standards and has set up a continuous improvement plan. Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are key drivers behind its industrial development. The construction of a combined cycle power station providing energy to its Italian operations and connecting to the tele-heating system of the municipality of Dalmine, which was awarded ISO EN 14001 environmental certification in 2009, should be seen against this backdrop. Its water and waste recycling program, along with that for measuring and controlling CO2 and all air emissions have similar goals. In particular, the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) atmospheric emissions already comply with the limits specified in the BAT conclusions for the steel industry issued by the European Union in March 2012 and due to enter in force in March 2016, and in some cases are even lower.

Tenaris has deep roots in the community where it was established and a strong commitment to sustaining local projects in the cultural, social and education areas. This translates, amongst other things, into the activities carried out by the non-profit organization Fondazione Dalmine, which has the goal of conserving, enlarging and promoting the Historical Archive of the company and the group with the local community and of promoting the art initiatives implemented in cooperation with GAMeC - Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (The Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art) in Bergamo, of which Tenaris is a founder member.

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