Updated TenarisHydril Running Manual now available

The latest version of the TenarisHydril Running Manual is now available on This document includes Tenaris's recommendations on best practices for the care, handling and installation of TenarisHydril premium connections.

The new version has been re-organized and expanded in order to incorporate more information. New additions to the manual include: recommendations for running with casing running tools, acceptance criteria for make up graphs, recommendations for horizontal assemblies, recommendation for running & pulling in stands, handling/lift plugs and specific running guidelines for each connection.

The manual will be available in digital format only—allowing customers to easily download the relevant information that they need quickly and efficiently. It also ensures that the information is the most up-to-date possible.

In addition to the Running Manual, Tenaris has a team of highly trained and certified field service specialists, available to provide any on site support needed.

Access the latest version of the TenarisHydril Running Manual here.

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