Premium quality materials and components for oilfield operations

We supply a wide variety of tubular solutions for the most demanding oilfield applications. Swivel Joints and Blast Saves are our widely recognized premium solutions for ensuring the best performance, endurance and quality in intelligent completion design.

Our unparalleled range of tubular materials and sizes cover the needs of complex oil tools manufacturers all over the world: high strength steels with excellent toughness, restricted dimensional tolerances for precise machining and assembly, heavy wall thickness for superior versatility, and compliance to the most stringent quality, process, environment and safety standards, all combined to offer the best possible tubular material.

From the well-known, robust and versatile 4130 and 4140 mechanical grades, to the latest cutting edge Ultra-High Strength PG175 for perforating guns, to the best High Collapse and Sour Service OCTG Grades, we supply our customers top quality solutions to their challenges.