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We are looking for students and graduates with the potential to have successful careers with us. Join a diverse and collaborative team that relies on analytical thinking to make decisions. You will have access to learning pathways, to on-the-job training and to our senior leaders to give you a head start toward development.

Raissa Hardt Technical Sales Analyst | Brazil
My position in R&D was the perfect place to be curious, learn by observation and find out if this field matched my expectations. It helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses and start creating the path to a successful career. I gained exposure to real life situations, with support from a team willing to share knowledge and experience.
Jesse Hughes Engineering Analyst | USA
What motivated me to join Tenaris was the chance to work for a growing company with global experience. I was given the opportunity in the Global Trainee Program to work with people around the world.
Marco Lepri Quality Global Trainee | Italy
Teamwork and dialogue are the two main drivers that characterize my training in Tenaris. My colleagues inspire me with their passion for industrial excellence as we work together to face our daily challenges.

Global Trainee Program

The Global Trainee Program is an intensive two-year program that supports the development of promising professionals with the potential to become future leaders in Tenaris. Participants will build expertise, engage with colleagues around the world, and demonstrate performance while learning about Tenaris's culture and industrial heritage leaving them prepared to take the next steps in their career.

  • Professional rotations

    As a Global Trainee, you will have two assignments in different areas of the company, granting you exposure to a variety of perspectives and responsibilities.

  • Continuous feedback

    Since you will be assigned goals for each rotation, your supervisor will check in regularly, providing feedback to help your development.

  • Training

    We want you to hit the ground running. Our training pathway and participation in the TenarisUniversity Induction Camp will help you gain business understanding and a knowledge of Tenaris culture.

  • Mill experience

    Growing in Tenaris requires knowledge of our industrial values that you can acquire after working in one of our mills. The Global Trainee Program offers that opportunity.

  • Graduation

    As the two-year program comes to a close, we acknowledge your progress with Global Trainee graduation ceremonies all around the world.

Open the door to professional opportunities


Gaining professional experience while still at college/university matters. Our internship program is designed to give students real work experience by offering challenging assignments in different areas. Availability and timing of our internships vary by country. Visit our careers opportunities portal for more information or contact us.

Roberto Rocca Education Program


We sponsor the Roberto Rocca Education Program, which provides scholarships and fellowships to outstanding students of engineering and the applied sciences in selected countries where we have operations. Scholarships are granted to undergraduate students and fellowships are granted to help fund studies towards a Ph.D. degree.

Learning throughout your career

Knowledge is one of our most important assets. We promote a network of collaborative learning by sharing our people's expertise with the rest of the organization.

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