Welcome to TenarisUniversity

We believe that when you grow as a professional you grow as a person. Our main goal is to support Tenaris employees to become the best version of themselves.

We foster development by offering high-quality, job-specific training programs combined with a learner-centered experience.

We understand knowledge is one of our most important assets. We promote a network of collaborative learning by sharing our people's expertise with the rest of the organization.


Our priorities in numbers

We provide opportunities and tools for Tenaris employees to grow and fulfill their potential. These include special programs developed in partnership with Rice University in Houston or IMD in Switzerland. Our employees also have the opportunity to train at their own pace and from anywhere they are thanks to our agreement with Degreed, a learning platform that allows users to learn, develop and measure their skills.

  • 2.2

    Million training hours per year; 36% related to health, safety and environment

  • 55

    Training hours per salaried employees and 120 per hourly employee annually

  • 200

    Global Trainees annually attend the TenarisUniversity Induction Camp in Argentina

  • 100

    Leaders attend international programs annually with IMD and Rice University

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Our Programs

We offer special programs for each stage of your career, a chance to learn and network with colleagues from more than 30 countries.

  • TenarisUniversity Induction Camp

    Global Trainees, young professionals from all over the world, spend one month in Argentina to learn about Tenaris fundamentals and accelerate their professional development.


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  • Management Essentials

    Recently promoted managers develop their skills to manage a team in Tenaris and accelerate their journey to great leadership over a period of one year.


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  • Management Development Program

    Looking to translate strategy into tactics? This program helps newly appointed managers from around the world start off right.


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  • Advanced Management Program

    Held at Rice University in Houston, Texas, this program aims at developing our senior managers and directors, focusing on strategic vision and leadership skills.


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  • Leadership Program

    Created in partnership with the IMD School of Business and held at our mill in Dalmine, Italy, this program is dedicated to employees who have reached senior director positions.


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  • Development Program for Maintenance

    Especially designed for maintenance professionals, this program teaches best practices for technical tasks and encourages participation in important corporate projects.

  • Technical Sales Program

    This four-year program helps prepare our technical sales team to support oil and gas customers, supporting with engineering and technical services from the beginning of each drilling project.

  • Field Services Program

    Getting to know all the details of tubular running helps prepare our field service specialists to provide technical assistance to our customers. This training program focuses on promoting operational safety and well efficiency in our customers’ operations.


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Cinzia Rottoli Commercial Senior Director | Italy
Learning with others is something I consider valuable because it is a shared experience, which means we receive feedback and ideas from people with different perspectives.
Luis Capitanachi Coupling Shop Leader | Mexico
It's great that I can customize my learning path because I can adapt and evolve to whatever needs arise.
Robert Cheyne Quality Assurance Leader | USA
We have the flexibility to read not only content created by Tenaris and for Tenaris but also have access to external materials. Together we are generating content to train us all.

People Make the Difference


Learning environments

Our learning environments range from state-of-the-art TenarisUniversity campuses to virtual simulators and our people's phones.

  • Learning centers

    TenarisUniversity has eight learning centers equipped with the latest technology located in Argentina, Italy, Mexico, the United States, Romania, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

  • Rig Direct® Academy

    We are the only pipe manufacturer that owns a real rig to train employees and customers and test new technologies in a rig environment. The Rig Direct® Academy, located at our mill in Veracruz, Mexico, hosts multiple hands-on training events per year.

  • Quality laboratories

    Our labs encourage hands-on training that help our manufacturing employees learn relevant technical skills in a safe environment.

  • Virtual Reality Crane Simulators

    This VR learning environment offers a crane cab experience for our manufacturing employees so they can learn how to operate a crane in a safe environment.


Browse professional and technical opportunities

Industrial opportunities

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