Industry 4.0

Safeguarding people and assets

Operational safety

Video analytics, automated risk detection systems and telemetry help to ensure a safe working environment for Tenaris’s employees, customers and vendors at our manufacturing facilities.

Upholding quality

Advanced process control systems

Real-time signal processing and auto-learning control algorithms are part of the proprietary control systems that automatically operate machinery in our key industrial processes. These mechanisms improve production yield, quality and reduce energy consumption.

All of this helps us to manufacture the highest quality products at competitive costs.

Advanced data analytics & modeling

Data science

Large datasets drive our advanced analytics and modeling, which are used for designing interactive visualizations, anomaly detection systems, machine learning models and optimization systems.

These data-driven solutions contribute to upholding safe operations with reduced costs and heightened quality, including the implementation of condition monitoring of our key equipment.


Process and product numerical modeling

Numerical modeling (Finite Element Methods or FEM) analyzes products and industrial processes through proprietary and commercial codes for optimization purposes.

Customized numerical models with detailed descriptions of boundary conditions from steelmaking and hot rolling to heat treatment and finishing help break down and more easily identify costs of process improvement while speeding up the implementation of new solutions.

Process stability

Tools condition monitoring through tribology

Through the adoption of the best working practices (including tribology), we minimize tool consumption, extending machinery’s service life and reducing costs.

Cooling and lubrication systems are designed and automatically controlled to ensure process stability, which is fundamental to ensure tools’ durability and product quality.

Human-machine collaboration

Digitally enabled workforce

Robotic process automation, digital assistants and wearable technology enhance the workplace experience for our employees by eliminating repetitive and strenuous tasks from their routines and making real-time data easily accessible.

Virtual training

Knowledge is one of our most important assets and we promote collaborative learning through hundreds of hours of virtual and in-person training.


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