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Tenaris to exhibit at Argentina Oil & Gas Expo 2017

Tenaris will be exhibiting at the Argentina Oil & Gas Expo held September 25-28 in Buenos Aires. At booth 1A-60, representatives will be on hand to answer questions about Tenaris’s full package of products and services, as well as our continued commitment to the development of Vaca Muerta, which is the most important shale reservoir in Argentina and one of the largest worldwide.

In order to improve its Rig Direct™ service in Argentina, Tenaris has recently invested in service centers in Neuquén and Senillosa. The company has so far invested USD 7.6 million in the Vaca Muerta region to better serve its customers.

At booth 1A-60, Tenaris will be highlighting a package of TenarisHydril premium connections for shales including the TenarisHydril Wedge XP™, TenarisHydril Blue® and TenarisHydril Wedge 513® connections.

Tenaris will also be presenting its integrated solutions for mature conventional wells and non-conventional wells, including the AlphaRod™ series, a generation of sucker rods specially designed to withstand the toughest demands and offer a solution to fatigue and corrosion-fatigue during the production of oil.


Our technical experts will be presenting different talks about tubular solutions in the booth at the following times:

Wednesday, September 27 at 7:45PM.

Topic: Tubular solution for non-conventional wells, Nicolás Rebasa, Technical Sales Manager Southern Cone.

Wednesday, September 27 at 8:15PM.

Topic: Tubular solution for drilling with casing, Constantino Espinosa, Technical Sales Manager Southern Cone.


Tenaris will also be presenting three technical papers at the Latin American and Caribbean Drilling Conference this week:

  •  Five years of drilling with casing in Argentina and Bolivia. Lessons learned from the field. C.M. Espinosa, S. Grill, D. Codega, C. Roldan, H. Guttner, A Prieto/ Tenaris
  • String design of coiled tubing to work on horizontal long-range shale wells. M. Nebiolo, R. Del Negro/ YPF S.A.; D. Codega, C. Grimaldo, M. Valdez, N. Rebasa/ Tenaris
  • Use of semiflush connections to extend the lateral branch of horizontal shale wells. D. Codega, N. Rebasa, P. Olivo, W. Canziani/ Tenaris; G. Landinez, M. Vitolo/ YPF S. A


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