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Interview with Ariel Jimenez- First TenarisBayCity Student of the Year

In 2014, Ariel Jimenez became the first recipient of the TenarisBayCity Student of the Year scholarship. Tenaris created the award in an effort to recognize Matagorda County high school students for their accomplishments and support their goals to further their education. It includes a college scholarship of up to $60,000 over four years as an undergraduate student. Originally from Colorado, Jimenez moved to Bay City, Texas in 10th grade where she attended Bay City High School. After graduating high school, she attended Sam Houston State University (SHSU) in Huntsville, Texas and earned a degree in Criminal Justice this past May.


What was it like when you learned you received this scholarship?

AJ: Honestly, I was completely surprised. I had no idea that I would be receiving a scholarship from Tenaris, and when I found out how much it was worth I was in shock. I realized that this was an amazing opportunity for me, because at that time I didn’t think that attending a four-year university would be possible.

What was your relationship like with Tenaris while you were in college?

AJ: The team at Tenaris was extremely supportive throughout my entire college career. Any time I had any doubts about school or being able to maintain the scholarship requirements, they encouraged and motivated me to keep going and I am so grateful for their help. I am the first person in my family to attend college, so they were also very helpful when it came to giving me advice about simple things like my class load. It really felt like they were invested in my success at SHSU and were right beside me the whole way.

What are your future plans and how did this scholarship help you achieve them?

AJ: Currently I am studying for the LSAT and applying for positions in the FBI. If I had not received this scholarship, I wouldn’t have considered going to college a possibility, and would never have discovered my interest in criminal justice. Because of this scholarship I was able to succeed at college and am very thankful for their support. It shows that while the company is new to Matagorda County and Bay City, they truly care about the local people and want to make sure that we succeed.

What advice would you give to any students in Matagorda County thinking about applying for the scholarship?

AJ: Do it! I can’t honestly think of a downside to applying for the award. With the constant support that the Tenaris team gives its scholarship students along the way, I think this award can help anyone achieve their future. The opportunities that it creates are definitely worth the time to apply!


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