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Tenaris organizes a workshop on special HolloRod™ applications in Argentina

Tenaris held the workshop "Special Applications using HolloRod™ Hollow Rods" in the city of Neuquén, located in southern Argentina, on October 4. The event was attended by 70 professionals from the areas of production engineering and complex work-over operations who work in special applications aimed at solving paraffin deposition problems, heavy oil extraction, deliquification processes in gas wells, increased production in PCP systems and optimizing fishing, cleaning and calibration systems.

During the workshop, customers were asked to talk about their projects and experiences using HolloRod™ sucker rods in special applications. Representatives from YPF, Pampa Energía, CAPSA, Capex S.A. and MBP focused on innovations applied to PCP systems using hollow rods.

The workshop also involved contributions from companies providing complementary inputs for Tenaris’s customers to promote exchange and further people's understanding of the specific needs commensurate with each type of application.

Tenaris experts rounded off the seminar, providing operational details of their work with HolloRod™ sucker rods and sharing the results obtained in Argentina, Australia and Romania.

"Our profitability analysis shows that hollow rods are an alternative which can generate benefits thanks to the reduction and cost of interventions, as well as production reactivation and increase. This also contributes to the sustainability of operations by reducing the risks of environmental impact," said Federico Cámara, Tenaris Technical Sales manager.

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