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Javier Martinez Álvarez participates in Masters Argentina conference at MIT

Javier Martinez Álvarez, Tenaris Southern Cone Area Manager, participated in the Masters Argentina conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on April 22. At the event, he joined YPF’s president, Miguel Gutierrez and HSBC Argentina president, Gabriel Martino, on a panel to discuss entrepreneurship and development in Argentina.

During the discussion, Martinez Álvarez highlighted the potential of Argentina’s economy. “There is no sector in which we can not be competitive. If Tenaris, a steel tubulars manufacturer, was able to make a project born in Campana a world leader, I do not see that there are any limits for other Argentine companies.”

He also added that the work of the government, companies and unions to reach sectorial agreements has allowed the Techint Group to recently announce an investment of $2.3 billion USD in the Vaca Muerta shale play, which will generate about 1,000 permanent direct jobs.

Masters Argentina is a network of professionals who are graduate students in the United States and Europe. Several other high profile Argentine politicians and businessmen spoke at the conference, such as the ex-US Ambassador Martín Lousteau and the former president of Aerolineas Argentinas and General Motors- Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, Isela Costantini.

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