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Tenaris engages customers and a group of young professionals in Oklahoma

Tenaris hosted two events in Oklahoma on November 2, 2017, for customers and young professionals.  Discussing the company’s recent investment in Oklahoma, and the future for the company in the Midcontinent, Luca Zanotti, Tenaris Vice President USA, kicked off the day at Tenaris’s new Oklahoma service center for a customer reception lunch and networking event

Following the September acquisition of Garrett Tubular Services, the 100-acre facility in Amber, Oklahoma joined Tenaris’s US network of service centers.  The service center provides OCTG and coated line pipe storage, threading inspection and repair, a bucking unit, hydro testing and many other services to support Rig Direct™ in the Midcontinent region.  Tenaris has operated a commercial office in Oklahoma City since 2014, but is now able to deliver orders even more quickly with the addition of the new facility.

“This facility comes with a history of expertise and experience,” said Zanotti, “Here, Tenaris is expanding on a strategy that we began two years ago with Rig Direct™.  It has changed our company in the US, and a big part of that change is happening here in Oklahoma.”

Later in the evening, Tenaris partnered with the Oklahoma City chapter of Young Professionals in Energy (YPE) for their monthly speaker series.  With a focus on the state’s overall industry outlook, Zanotti spoke on how the company’s recent investments demonstrate a long-term commitment to Oklahoma, and how the company plans to navigate a recovering and growing in the local market.

“What this down cycle has highlighted, repeatedly over the last 2 plus years is the need to optimize – boost efficiency in every aspect of the business, to innovate and reduce costs,” said Zanotti.  “Is this a challenging time to work in the industry? Absolutely, but I say this positively.  If you have resolve, ownership, curiosity, are not afraid of working outside your comfort zone, and have an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, you will fit right in.” 

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