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Production underway at Tenaris welded mill in Calgary

Tenaris announces the official restart of operations at its Prudential facility in Calgary (8919 Barlow Trail S.E.) following a two-year interruption of production.

The ramp up of operations coincides with the 50th anniversary of the welded pipe facility in Calgary.

“It’s fitting to commemorate the startup of Tenaris’s Prudential facility alongside its deep Canadian roots,” said Guillermo Gabriel Moreno, president and managing director of Tenaris in Canada. “This facility is critical to the Canadian energy industry because it provides a flexible, secure and committed domestic source of supply.”

Tenaris announced the restart of its facility in March following an agreement with the United Steelworkers Local Union 7226 and the success of Tenaris’s Rig Direct™ business model. Since the announcement, a total of 109 union employees and 35 staff have been recalled to the facility. Tenaris’s restart plan has focused on a safe startup of operations providing training and certification for recalled employees to perform their jobs safely, as well as conducting preventative maintenance and continuous improvement on production operations.

"We know the past couple years have been hard for many Albertans, but there's a strong sense of optimism,” said Margaret McCuaig-Boyd, Alberta’s Minister of Energy. “Drilling activity is rising, investment is returning to our energy sector, and Albertans are getting back to work. We look forward to seeing the benefits Tenaris will bring to Alberta’s economy through local manufacturing and innovative practices for servicing the oil and gas industry we’re so proud of as Albertans."

Tenaris’s Rig Direct™ business model capitalizes on a local, synchronized supply chain to offer customers mill to well service, feeding rigs in real time, reducing inventory, streamlining processes and lowering environmental footprint. Today, about 75 percent of Tenaris’s OCTG sales in Canada are through Rig Direct™.

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