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Tenaris acquires Garrett, LLC, strengthening Rig Direct® reach in Mid-Continent

Tenaris announced today it has acquired pipe services and trucking company, Garrett LLC, in Oklahoma – an acquisition which complements its Rig Direct™ service model, streamlining the supply chain through the direct delivery of pipes.

Garrett LLC holds a 100-acre facility offering OCTG and coated line pipe storage, threading inspection and repair, a bucking unit, hydro testing and many other services. The facility also  includes a fleet of trucks and trailers for the transportation of OCTG and line pipe.

“The Garrett facility strengthens our Rig Direct™ service offer for oil and gas customers, including small- and medium-sized companies, operating in the Mid-Continent,” said Luca Zanotti, Tenaris Vice President, USA.  

In addition to the Garrett location, Tenaris has service centers in Houston, Midland and Freeport plus a network of seamless and welded manufacturing facilities, including the state-of-the-art seamless mill in Bay City, Texas, which will be inaugurated later this year.

Tenaris’s Rig Direct™ includes technical consulting and string design assistance, demand planning, pipe management and field services, bringing Tenaris’s quality and expertise directly to the rig site. 

“Tenaris is a good match for our employees. As a global company, it will provide growth and career opportunities for our people,” said Chuck Garrett, President of Garrett LLC.

Garrett LLC currently has 50 employees that will transition to Tenaris. Tenaris has had a presence in Oklahoma since 2014 with a commercial office supporting OCTG and sucker rods customers.

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