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Tenaris presents custom line pipe solutions for deepwater at Subsea Tieback

Tenaris is participating at the Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition 2019, the world’s largest subsea event, from March 5 to 7 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, in San Antonio, Texas.

At booth #337, Tenaris will present its integrated solutions for the line pipe industry, as well as its track record and experience in supplying offshore line pipe for the world’s most complex projects, with a focus on developments in the Gulf of Mexico.

Stop by and learn how Tenaris provided line pipe solutions for the Buckskin project on a tight schedule. During the project, Tenaris produced and delivered more than six miles of heavy wall seam¬less carbon manganese line pipe, overcoming significant challenges including developing, testing, and man¬ufacturing new alloys to meet project requirements.

Located in the Gulf of Mexico, approximately a mile under the surface, facing high temperatures, high pressure and corrosion, Kodiak brought new challenges to oil extraction. Our technical experts will explain how Tenaris provided line pipe with a bi-metallic corrosion resistant alloy and thermal insulation coating for the project.

Tenaris’s services and product portfolio for the line pipe industry includes a complete package of accessories, such as double joints and hot induction bends. In addition, coating services are offered for the most demanding onshore and offshore environments.

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