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Tenaris presents the Thor®115, proprietary steel grade, at Japan’s EPRI

Tenaris participated in the Joint EPRI-123HiMAT International Conference on Advances in High Temperature Materials in Japan, the most important technical event for the power generation segment, to present test results and applications for Thor®115 steel grade.

Our technical experts presented advancements with Thor®115, a proprietary high oxidation resistance steel, through two scientific papers and two technical posters. Thor®115 is a new alloy designed for tubes with improved resistance to steam oxidation, allowing power plant designers to exploit the full potentiality of newest gas and steam turbines in combined cycle power plants.

“These are important occasions to promote our technical expertise and capabilities in developing and testing innovative materials within the scientific community,” says Erick Escorza, Industrial & Process Technology Director.

The conference enables a robust technical exchange and collaboration amongst scientists, academics, and engineers on an international scale in all areas of research and advancement in high-temperature materials for power generation. Topics addressed include various types of steel, nickel-based alloys, boilers, steam turbines, gas turbines, materials life management.

The drive for continuous improvement in efficiency through higher temperature operations and more demanding conditions (rapid starts, fuel flexibility, etc.), in addition to the reduction of CO2 emissions, needs materials with improved properties and stability, also in the long term. Thor®115 was precisely developed as solution to this high demanding environment.

“We’ve recently applied Thor®115 in the construction of the heat recovery steam generator installed inside the Edison Thermoelectric Power Plant at Marghera Levante (Italy), the most efficient power plant in Europe,” says Antonella Ferrara, Power Generation Product Director, “a project where we collaborate since an early stage and to which we contribute with our technical expertise to set up the most proper material”.

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