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Tenaris meets tight deadline for Buckskin project in Gulf of Mexico

The oil and gas market in the Gulf of Mexico is expanding into deeper waters that require increasing technical and commercial due diligence. With proven experience in offshore, deepwater environments, Tenaris was awarded the contract to supply line pipe for LLOG’s Buckskin tie back completion in a tight deadline.

“For this market and product, Tenaris is the expert” said Gregoire Flipò, Tenaris Vice President of Offshore Pipeline Services. “When Gulf of Mexico projects require complex products, Tenaris is always at the forefront of the market.”

Buckskin, located in the Keathley Canyon block in 6,800 feet of water, required Tenaris to produce and deliver more than six miles of heavy wall (HW) seamless Carbon Manganese (C-Mn) line pipe and deepwater SURF components, including steel catenary risers and flowlines.

Tenaris’s Offshore Line Pipe team met the project’s unique technical requirements to ensure the product was viable in a deepwater environment with a combined effort that included engineering, design and project management from a global team of 23 employees in four countries, to provide a custom-designed solution in a timely manner.

Buckskin was the first project Tenaris supplied offshore line pipe to LLOG directly, in just nine months, without a single safety incident, positioning Tenaris as a key partner for future endeavors.

To read more please download the case study here.

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