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Tenaris's growth in the Middle East on display at ADIPEC 2019

At booth D41 of OTC Brazil - held at the Centro de Convenções Sulamérica-, our team is ready to share how Tenaris is transforming the tubular supply chain through our RigDirect® service model, a fully integrated approach that partners with customers throughout the entire oil and gas drilling project lifecycle. The model includes material selection and demand planning to delivery at the rig site from Tenaris’s mills as well as field service support at the rig.

“Through Rig Direct®, Tenaris now supports our customers in every stage of oil and gas operations, streamlining their operations. We are also introducing new technologies to guarantee transparency and bring peace of mind to our customers,” says Idarilho Nascimento, Commercial Senior Director for Tenaris in Brazil.

Based on the three pillars of pipe management services, technical consulting, and field services, Rig Direct® also offers technological innovations such as PipeTracer®, a unique tracking and traceability application that allows operators to identify Tenaris products on-site with mobile devices. During the event, Tenaris representatives will be on hand to demonstrate how customers can benefit from this application.

In the past 10 years, we have invested more than R$ 2 billion in Brazil, including the update of its Confab production facility in Pindamonhangaba (SP). Following these investments, the company has been awarded major international projects, including Zohr, the largest offshore field in the Mediterranean. More recently, Tenaris was awarded the Alen Gas Monetization project for natural gas exploration in Equatorial Guinea, which includes the production of 20,000 tons of concrete-lined pipes that is currently taking place in Confab.

Tenaris has also been investing to expand its high-quality product line for offshore and onshore applications manufactured in Brazil, including the new large diameter connector TenarisHydril EasyDock™ that complement its high-performance weld-on connectors products. The well-established TenarisHydril BlueDock® connector has been successfully used by major oil and gas operators in more than 200 rigs in 13 countries, including Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Norway, Trinidad and Tobago, and United Kingdom.


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