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Fondazione Dalmine celebrates 20 years of historic preservation and industrial education in Bergamo

Fondazione Dalmine (FD), the historic preservation and research arm of the Techint Group, which includes Tenaris, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with a reception for local stakeholders. Paolo Rocca, Chairman and CEO of Tenaris, and Michele Della Briotta, President of Tenaris Europe, led the ceremony. Initially tasked with collecting and preserving historic evidence of the rich industrial heritage of Dalmine, which goes back over a hundred years, over time Fondazione expanded its mandate.

“Fondazione Dalmine has played a fundamental role in building a shared identity and establishing common values for the entire Techint Group, with its 80,000 employees spread over 40 countries,” said Rocca at the ceremony. “Today, it has an additional role in educating the public in the values of the industrial culture.”

Over 32,000 students, from elementary to high school, have attended the workshops, seminars and lectures organized by the foundation. The goal is to educate and inspire the younger generations in the Bergamo area to pursue technical careers. The major project to renovate foundation’s headquarters and update them with new workshop areas, labs, a reading room and a library will expand FD’s educational reach and improve the learning experience for visitors.

Today, the work of the foundation is inextricably linked to the local area. “Fondazione Dalmine highlights the shared history, values and economic development between the industry and the local community,” pointed out Della Briotta, while thanking local officials and members of the public for their support.

To learn more about Fondazione Dalmine, visit: http://www.fondazione.dalmine.it/it/

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