Tenaris employees in Indonesia support tsunami victims

On December 22, 2018, a tsunami struck Indonesia’s Sunda Straits, 27 miles away from Tenaris’s manufacturing facility in Indonesia. In response, Tenaris launched a donation appeal to bolster relief efforts and help affected families.

To help, local employees donated 15 million IDR (about $1,000 USD) and life-saving essentials like dried food, drinking water, blankets, footwear, and medicine to the people of Labuan, Pandeglang city on January 5, 2019. Additionally, Tenaris donated $20,000 USD to purchase more essentials and help rebuild the community schools and classrooms.

“We had a difficult time when the tsunami hit our house,” said Nurrohman, a tsunami victim. “We were very grateful for the donations that were given by Tenaris. We really appreciate the attention.”

“We believe these donations will be very helpful to the tsunami victims.” Esau Eno Sam Koene, Plant Senior Manager at Tenaris’s manufacturing facility in Indonesia.

HR Senior Manager Rosalia Veronika said, “The families in the community will know that Tenaris and Tenaris’s people are always standing with them in their time of need.”

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