Local presence and digitalization to better serve the industry

Gabriel Podskubka, Tenaris President for Eastern Hemisphere, spoke to Energy Voice magazine about company strategy to expand its local presence in key markets like Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the US, Tenaris’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, and the development of new technologies to streamline customer operations.

In addition to the long-standing strategy of strengthening Tenaris’s local presence in key markets, Podskubka also said that Tenaris wants to transform the way industry operates by offering new digital solutions such as the Rig Direct® Portal and the PipeTracer® app to improve service efficiency, safety, and costs.

“The digitalization of the supply chain and our industrial operations will be a key point for our future development and our contribution to reducing cost and inefficiencies for our customers,” Podskubka said.

New technologies were also used to maintain a strong level of support for customers during the COVID-19 crisis. “We introduced virtual pipe-running assistance to our customers when in-person assistance was not possible at rig sites. In addition, we hosted technical forums to engage our customers and highlight our product portfolio. Both initiatives included customers in the North Sea region and we had successful outcomes”

To access the complete Energy Voice interview with Mr. Podskubka, click here.

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