Fondazione Dalmine offers online education to over a thousand students during the pandemic in Italy

Fondazione Dalmine, the historic preservation and research arm of the Techint Group, which includes Tenaris, recently conducted a wide, digital-based program built around robots, memory and digital culture to over 1,000 children in the Bergamo region in Italy.

The Bergamo region was among the country’s most severely affected areas by the COVID-19 outbreak, but even in the midst of the health crisis, Fondazione Dalmine continued its educational vision by offering high-quality training in STEM studies and history to new generations.   

"The lockdown forced us to radically change our methods: we chose to use the opportunities offered by digital technology to get even closer to the kids," points out Manuel Tonolini, coordinator of the education area at Fondazione. “This experience led us to structure a program that, also for next year, runs digitally and offers schools tailor-made courses even at a distance.”

As highlighted in its 2019 Sustainability Report, Tenaris believes that education is the key to prosperous community growth and has developed programs covering the entire school cycle. In 2019, 70 percent of Tenaris’s USD 11.7 million community-relations budget was invested in education.

In Italy, staff at the Fondazione Dalmine, which opened in 1999 next to Tenaris’s mill in Bergamo, work to compile and preserve the historic heritage of Tenaris industrial facilities around the world. It also offers elementary and high school students hands-on workshops to study the region’s past and present through The Fondazione Dalmine for Schools.

During the pandemic, Fondazione Dalmine also continued with its efforts to promote the heritage of the steel industry with the introduction of virtual, 360-degree view guided tours. The immersive experience includes its current exhibitions, such as Quindicidiciotto, which is dedicated to World War I, and virtual walks through the industrial city of Dalmine using Google and social media.

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