Tenaris PipeTracer® technology can now be integrated with Peloton®’s WellView® software to simplify access to digital tallies

Tenaris PipeTracer® users can now automatically create and find digital tallies in the WellView® information management system, commonly used in the oil and gas industry.

The integration of both technologies is a step further in Tenaris’s efforts to simplify administrative processes, allowing rig personnel to easily generate tallies the moment pipes are received, run, or returned by scanning QR codes with the PipeTracer® app. This information is then automatically uploaded to the WellView® cloud-based system (SaaS), maintaining all documents in one single place.   

Tenaris’s PipeTracer® is a unique tracking and traceability application that allows operators to identify Tenaris products on-site with mobile devices, significantly reducing the time that customers spend on receiving pipe, creating tallies, and processing rig returns.

“This integration is a great example of the synergies we can achieve if players in the oil and gas industry work together to improve the customer experience,” said Alejandro Lammertyn, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Tenaris.

The PipeTracer® app is currently used in 17 countries and has generated more than 8,000 electronic tallies per month.

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