Tenaris’s drive for innovation recognized in Brazil

Confab, Tenaris’s welded pipe mill in Brazil, was selected by the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI) to execute two projects as part of its program with local, new ventures called “Startup Indústria 4.0

The program aims to advance and transform the country’s industrial sector, and all aspects of the value chain, with new technologies, digital integration, and the application of industry 4.0 through the creative lens of emerging businesses.

“We are constantly working on the evolution of our product offer, industrial system and now, digital services,” said Renato Catallini, Tenaris’s President in Brazil. Being awarded these two projects has allowed us to combine Tenaris's industrial and creative capacity with the entrepreneurial strength of these startups, supporting our culture of innovation towards continuous growth and excellence in our operations and services in Brazil.”

Under the “Startup Indústria 4.0” program, two new projects were developed at the Confab mill with the participation of new business Aiko and Indwise.

The first one consisted of connecting forklifts and tractors used at the mill’s pipe yard to a GPS to generate an online map, allowing for real-time monitoring and in turn, enhancing safety and efficiency.  

The second project included the definition of a working range for welding connectors. An algorithm was created in order to identify the combinations of welding parameters that can produce the least probability of defects.

In recognition of its participation and of the projects developed, Confab was awarded the GROW+ Innovation Awards in the “Connecting with startups” category.

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