Tenaris helps inaugurate 2nd emergency center in Italy

Tenaris, through its Dalmine mill, has helped inaugurate a second emergency center in Bergamo, Italy, to treat range of clinical emergencies, including infectious and viral diseases.

The new emergency center, Humanitas Gavazzeni, inaugurated on December 12, in Bergamo, Italy, consists of a 4,000-square-meter emergency department, complete with intensive care units, hospital rooms, operating rooms and diagnostic areas with state-of-the-art technology.

It is the second emergency center constructed in Bergamo, underscoring the strong link between Tenaris and Humanitas, both part of the Techint Group, and its community of Bergamo, severely impacted by the pandemic.

"Tenaris has always had deep ties with the community and the surrounding region,” said Michele Della Briotta, President of Tenaris in Europe. “The last few months, as we well know, have been a particularly complex and painful period for Bergamo and its province. The Emergency Center, built by Techint and Humanitas, combining engineering and medical skills, is equipped to address Covid, but above all in the future, an essential element for the health of the community.”

Tenaris joined the Humanitas Research Foundation in the project, having contributed €1 million to the center’s construction, with a focus on the technological equipment.

The emergency center was designed to manage current and future viral emergencies by ensuring separate pathways for patients with infectious diseases, allowing for treatment spaces to be transformed, scaled up or down for best functionality, and according to clinical needs.

"Bergamo has been able to face the serious test of the pandemic thanks to a network of excellent services and the collaboration between all involved in the health of the region, united to face the emergency regardless of their nature, public or private,” explained Gianfelice Rocca, president of Humanitas. “Health and training of young people are at the center of the future of the area: the creation of an emergency center is an important sign in this direction.”

The first institution, the Humanitas Emergency Hospital 19 (Rozzano), was inaugurated in July 2020.

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