Colombia’s ANDI Foundation recognizes Tenaris’s diversity initiatives

The National Association of Entrepreneurs of Colombia (ANDI) Foundation included Tenaris in the list of “Inspiring Companies 2020”, highlighting the company’s diversity initiatives and their impact on helping to reduce gender gaps in the oil and gas industry.

The list, which included 22 industrial and service companies from all over the country, was released on August 27 within the framework of the Colombian Business Congress (CEC) and the 76th National Assembly of ANDI Affiliates.

This recognition is also co-sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the financial newspaper Portfolio to highlight business initiatives that contribute to solving social challenges through their business.

"We have strengthened our culture to provide equal opportunities for women and men, becoming a model for companies in the energy sector and other industries as well,” said Tenaris President for the Andean Region, Vicente Manjarrez.

Tenaris’s policies embrace diversity in all its forms including culture, gender, creed, race, nationality and generations as a factor that creates value. To read more on Tenaris’s commitment to diversity, click here.

Accenture Colombia, Ecopetrol, Pfizer and Pepsico are among the 22 companies included in this year’s “inspiration list”. Access the full list here (article in Spanish).

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