BlueDock® connector increases effiency in highly complex wells for Repsol and YPFB Andina in Bolivia

The robust, high fatigue performance and fast make up of TenarisHydril BlueDock® premium connector yielded optimal running times for customers Repsol and YPFB Andina drilling complex wells in Bolivia.

The complex geology of the subsoil and the significant depth of the most productive target formations in Bolivian gas fields require multiple casing sections. For this reason, operators must carry out important investments for the drilling, development, completion and start-up of these wells.

The analysis, engineering and field service work carried out by Tenaris for Repsol and YPFB Andina generated a successful running of 30” diameter BlueDock® weld-on connectors in Bolivia. In the six gas wells -with a depth near 5.500m- the incorporation of the premium connector, which has optimized design characteristics, helped to reduce operating times, increasing the installation speed by 120% compared to technologies previously used.

“During the planning phase we set our expectations high with regards to tubular connectors and running performance, and discussed using a disruptive approach in order to change the mindset of what was being done to date. Together with Tenaris, we managed to improve the operation’s KPI´s by incorporating this new technology, carrying out significantly safer operations,” said Rafael Garate, Drilling Superintendent at Repsol.

“Through the incorporation of robust, premium connectors and the field support our team provided, along with our customers, we were able to carry out these deployments in a safe, quick operation, and even exceeding industry standards in terms of running time,” said Tomás Castiñeiras, Tenaris Technical Sales Director for Central & South America.

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