Club de Verano in Mexico unites youth in virtual session marking program’s 25th anniversary

Tenaris’s summer learning program, Club de Verano, celebrated its 25th anniversary with a virtual session.

The program offers learning and fun activities for the children and teens of Tenaris employees at its facility in Veracruz, Mexico. More than 80 children, ages 6 to 12 years old, attended the two-week online program, which also included classes on nutrition to underscore the importance of having a proper, balanced diet to stay healthy.

The summer session was held virtually for a second year, which allowed Tenaris to connect participants with peers from other Latin American countries to share experiences, stories, and flavors of their home countries.

“I liked it because we did experiments with food, we danced, and we played. We also met children from Chile, a scientist, an athlete, local producers, and a graffiti artist. I hope to return next year,” said Axel Castañeda, a Club de Verano participant.

The club also offers sessions geared towards ages 13 to 18, called Recreativo Juvenil, including a variety of activities for youth to experience different disciplines: finance, design thinking, fine arts, podcast and short film production, biomedical technologies, information science and self-defense.

“In the design thinking workshop, we carried out a project to study existing problems in our country and how we can provide a solution. It also taught me not to be afraid to speak up and share my ideas, ” explained Naomi Yoko, participant of Recreativo Juvenil.

“In 25 years, we have seen many participants who have grown and developed through the different phases of the program, from children to teens, and some who are now parents themselves. It has been a rewarding experience,” said Rosa Elena Pérez, manager of Tenaris’s community relations in Mexico.

Approximately 22,450 children and adolescents have participated in Tenaris’s Club de Verano since its launch in 1996.

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