Ecopetrol adopts Tenaris’s TenCoat™ HDPE Liner for mature fields in Colombia

Tenaris longtime partner Ecopetrol has adopted the company’s TenCoat™ HDPE Liner in the Casabe, La Cira and Cantagallo fields to extend the lifespan of the tubing.

“We are looking for a better performance and an increase in the operational lifespan of critical wells, as well as higher efficiency against corrosion failures,” said Danny Socorro, Ecopetrol’s Artificial Lifting Engineer for the La Cira field.

The development of the TenCoat™ HDPE Liner product began four years ago as part of a collaboration between Tenaris, Ecopetrol and the Colombian Petroleum Institute to search for operational efficiencies in mature fields.

TenCoat™ HDPE Liner is a high-density polyethylene inner liner used in production tubing. The solution offers mechanical protection to the pipe, preventing wear by abrasion and friction, and also providing anti-corrosion protection.

The benefits of the product were initially verified in nine wells in the Casabe field, where the life cycle of the pipes could be extended up to 10 times by reducing friction failures with sucker rods.

Other mature fields in the regional center of Ecopetrol, such as La Cira and Cantagallo, have also adopted TenCoat™ HDPE Liner due to the proven performance of the product at the Casabe’s field.

“The results that are being obtained are an example of the close relationship with our customer, which has allowed us to share information, learn their needs in detail and develop innovative solutions,” said Patricia Barragán, Tenaris Technical Sales Manager in Colombia.

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