Expansion of large diameter line at Tenaris’s mill in Italy lowers carbon emissions

Tenaris’s facility in Dalmine, Italy, has recently completed an important investment of over $20 million euros to expand the range of its medium-size  rolling mill in order to produce larger diameters, from 16” to 18 5/8” (473 mm), reducing its carbon footprint with a more streamlined manufacturing process.

“This investment consolidates Dalmine’s position as leader in the production of large diameter seamless pipes for complex applications, while improving sustainability of the manufacturing process, increasing capacity and reducing production lead-times,” said Michele Della Briotta, Tenaris President of Europe.

Before the investment, larger diameter pipes had to undergo a secondary rolling process at the facility’s expander mill. The manufacturing process can now be completed fully at the medium-size hot rolling mill, enhancing energy efficiency by eliminating the additional step of reheating the pipes in the expander mill. 

Thanks to lower natural gas and electricity consumption, this investment reduces CO2 emissions by 7,000 tons per year. Additionally, the streamlined process generates lower scale production, less water consumption, air emissions and reduced internal transportation and fuel consumption.

With the investment, Tenaris can produce OCTG, line pipe, gas cylinders and large vessels in the larger diameter sizes, as well as mechanical, thermal, and process applications, tubular bends and pipe fittings.

“It’s been a highly challenging project,” remarked Della Briotta, “but thanks to great collaboration of all the people involved and the preventive analysis of all the details and possible problems, we’ve been able to complete the very complex design, the only plant in the world to have carried out a project of this type.”

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