Tenaris celebrates Global Trainees in virtual graduation

In a ceremony both live from Campana, Argentina, and shared online in countries all around the globe, 72 Global Trainees graduated on February 3, joined by Paolo Rocca, Tenaris Chairman and CEO. This year’s ceremony, the second to be held digitally, was the first time Rocca has taken part. 

The Global Trainee Program is an intensive two-year program that supports the development of promising professionals with the potential to become future leaders in Tenaris.

 “Your generation is entering into Tenaris in a moment where we are facing changes on many fronts from the energy transition, to the change of industrial systems, to the transformation of the way we do things,” Paolo Rocca told the group. “We expect the young generation to raise questions, propose innovation and change what we are doing. We are able to transform, and you have the ability to transform Tenaris.”

Paola Mazzoleni, Tenaris Chief Human Resources Officer, also participated and acknowledged the challenges the group faced as a result of the pandemic, and the process of moving towards a new way of working – the company’s response to changing workplace practices.

“Of course, this group was living in the most difficult times – one where we are launching new programs and practices,” she said. “These types of values that we’ve embraced during the crisis, are not only good by themselves, but ultimately will have a huge impact in the performance of the company and in your own future roles.”

Several Trainees shared their learnings over the two-year program, and what they hoped for in their career next steps in the form of a video (see below), as well as contributions from the live chat.  “[I’m] very proud to have the chance to graduate with such a diverse group,” offered Lucas Couto, Compensation & Organization Analyst from Brazil. “An amazing experience!”

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Global Trainee Program - 2021 graduation

Global Trainee Program - 2021 graduation

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