LUKOIL chooses Tenaris for its first project in Mexico

Russian energy company PJSC LUKOIL chose Tenaris for the Yoti Oeste-1Exp., its first project in Mexico, located 63 km offshore from Paraíso, Tabasco, and developed in conjunction with a major, international operator.

For this challenging project Tenaris will deliver more than 1000 tons of pipe with TenarisHydril Wedge 523®, Wedge 513®, Blue® and Blue® Quick Seal connections, supplied with Dopeless® technology that adds value by not needing for the application of running or storage compounds, which were produced at Tenaris’s mills Tamsa, in Mexico and Dalmine, in Italy.

Tenaris is providing these products to LUKOIL under the Rig Direct® service model, that includes well planning and delivery on-site, technical assistance by a field service specialist and traceability of every pipe using the PipeTracer® technology, providing the customer with access to product data in real time.

Given current COVID-19 restrictions and travel bans, LUKOIL representatives had a virtual tour of Tamsa seamless pipe mill in Veracruz, Mexico, in order to learn more about Tenaris’s facilities and manufacturing processes.

Through RealWear® technology, which includes smart glasses with audio and video links, the customers visited different areas of the mill remotely, including the steel shop, the R&D center and the Rig Direct® Academy, and interacted live with Tenaris representatives throughout the virtual tour.

“We were pleasantly surprised with this tour. Now we have a better understanding of how Tenaris’s modern facilities operate in Veracruz", said Alexander Verestun, LUKOIL Drilling Chief Specialist, at the end of the transmission.

Víctor Vázquez, Tenaris Senior Sales Manager in Mexico shares the company’s commitment with the entire supply chain of the project: "This is LUKOIL's first project in Mexico and delivery times are crucial. From our side, we are closely working with the customer to ensure that everything is ready within the established deadlines.”

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