Students from Tenaris’s technical school in Argentina participate in national robotics competition

Students from Tenaris’s Roberto Rocca Technical School in Campana, Argentina, recently competed at the national Robotics Cup, a technology competition for students ages 15 to 18 from all provinces of Argentina. The winner of the Robotics Cup will represent Argentina in the “First Global Challenge,” competing against more than 180 other countries.

The competition was held remotely using a unique software that allowed students to program remote objects in real time. For seven weeks, the teams have participated in both social and technical challenges, including the construction and programming of a disinfection system, and a robot tasked with neutralizing the COVID-19 virus.

“Educational programs were strongly impacted by the pandemic. But when we look at what happened in technical schools, it was perhaps more significant because they have a very strong component of workshops, in-person practices and a hands-on approach to technology and school equipment,” said Javier Martínez Álvarez, president of Tenaris Southern Cone and a member of the Roberto Rocca Technical School’s board.

The Robotics Cup gathered over 120 students this year, and is just one activity in the world of technical education that had to adapt with the support of technology. “Throughout these weeks we acquired a lot of knowledge, strengthened our teamwork and perfected our skills to work against the clock, adapting positively to the virtual reality. We had a great experience”, said Mauricio Garavani, one of the team’s member who was joined by Emanuel Albornoz, Delfina Mosqueira, Marcos Giovannelli and Nicolás Bassin.

The winners of the Robotics Cup will be announced on June 18.

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