New to the industry? Tenaris hosts Fundamentals of Well Construction webinar series

Tenaris recently launched a summer webinar series titled “Fundamentals of Well Construction”, the latest in the company’s popular #PipesInFocus webinars geared towards Canadian oil and gas professionals. This current three-part series, featuring Tenaris’s industry experts, is designed to walk recent graduates or those new to the industry through the basic stages of well construction: steel making, OCTG in drilling and completions, and well optimization.

The first in the series, the “Steel Making” webinar was led by Jonathan Olsen, Tenaris Technical Sales Manager, on June 22, walking participants through the full production process from scrap to electric arc furnace through continuous bar casting. The webinar also went into detail about the main differences and production challenges of the seamless and Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) pipe making processes.

The next webinar “OCTG in Drilling and Completions” will take place on July 20, focusing on the considerations behind choosing the right steel grade and connection to ensure wellbore integrity throughout the entire process.

The series concludes with the “Well Optimization” webinar on August 24, which will cover material selection, pressures and other considerations, with some factors specific to certain plays or geographic locations.

If you or someone you know would like to register, please visit or share the registration page here.

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