Romanian film festival and Tenaris explore connection between art and engineering

For 15 years, engineering and cinematography have gone hand in hand at Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF). What brought them together? The values that Tenaris and the film festival have in common, namely innovation, diversity, education, creativity and the appreciation for continuous learning.

TIFF is the biggest international film festival in Romania. Founded in 2002, it grew rapidly to become the most important film-related event in the country and the region, gathering tens of thousands of moviegoers every year. Its main goal is to promote the cinematic art by presenting some of the most innovative and artistic films of the moment, as well as to support young filmmakers.

The partnership between Tenaris and TIFF began in 2006, based on the common goal of injecting unique cultural experiences into exceptional film productions. Over the years, the partnership grew stronger, with Tenaris becoming the main partner in EducaTIFF, the most comprehensive film education program for children, adolescents, parents and teachers, and Let’s Go Digital, a film workshop developed with teenagers in mind. The initiatives aim to discover and nurture new talent for the Romanian film industry and fit into Tenaris’s strategic goal of supporting education in local communities.

“Education through cinematography opens new horizons, stimulates imagination and creativity. That’s why, from 2011, we extended the partnership with TIFF with Tenaris Cinelatino, a local film festival made for our communities in Zalău, Călărași and Câmpina, screening Latin American and Romanian movies with the aim to share values, feelings and social phenomena specific to different cultures," says Mihaela Popescu, President of Tenaris in Romania.

She adds, "Passing the cultural heritage from one generation to another is a part of our role, which we assume, with the belief that, through TIFF and Cinelatino, we generate valuable experiences for all film lovers and we incite the curiosity of people who have not yet discovered the cinema."

This year,  at TIFF’s 20th anniversary edition taking place from July 23 to August 1, Tenaris invites the audience to explore the connection between art and engineering. Spaces have been designed to engage and educate children, while in a special photo corner visitors can opt  to “step into” Tenaris story.

Watch the video below that explores the connection between cinematography and engineering through the eyes of our employees and their families - with a Wes Anderson twist. 

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