357 students in Argentina receive Tenaris Merit Awards for high academic performance

Tenaris has awarded 357 students from Argentina with scholarships at a ceremony held at the Roberto Rocca Technical School, sponsored by Fundación Hermanos Rocca.

The Merit Awards, a global Tenaris program that recognizes academic excellence, were given to students with outstanding performance in secondary schools, as well as university students whose work contributed to the industrial and energy development of the country. The 357 scholarships were awarded to students from the communities of Zárate,  Campana, Villa Constitution and Villa Mercedes, where Tenaris has operations.

“Education is the key to social development."

Paolo Rocca, Chairman and CEO of Tenaris

“Education is the key to social development. It is a factor of transformation and growth of society, and a value of social mobility,” said Paolo Rocca, Chairman and CEO of Tenaris, to students and families attending the ceremony. “Studying is a right, but at the same time, it is a duty because it allows the community where you live to grow thanks to your education and the permanent improvement of what we do.”

Javier Martínez Álvarez, Tenaris President for the Southern Cone also pointed out that the Merit Awards "recognize the essential values that define Tenaris throughout the world," motivating students to use their talents to "transform their lives, their families and the country.”  Erika Bienek, Community Relations director of the Techint Group, parent company of Tenaris, joined the event along with local authorities.

Tenaris has a sustained commitment to improving educational quality in the region through the company’s educational programs. 

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