Tenaris technical education programs embrace stronger connection between teachers, students for enriched learning

Following 10 years of continuous investments in technical education in Romania, Tenaris aims to enhance learning by placing an even greater focus on the factors that can drive a stronger experience – students, teachers, a robust curriculum and resources.

Tenaris launched the Tech Teach League, an eight month online professional development program that offers teachers of technical specializations innovative teaching methods to better develop their digital competencies, working on skills in change management and in cross-disciplinary pedagogy, as well as incorporating up to date devices and methods in their daily work. The company wrapped up its first edition with the participation of 37 teachers from all six technical schools partners committed to apply a new approach of teaching in their classrooms.

“Times are changing, and teachers need to be able to use both traditional and modern tools for education."

Sandor Csatlos, teacher at the Technological High School in Jibou, Romania.

“Times are changing, and teachers need to be able to use both traditional and modern tools for education. What I valued most of the program is the ability to learn how to recognize the talents of each student and then to encourage and help them grow those skills,” said Sandor Csatlos, teacher at the Technological High School in Jibou.

Practical knowledge and technical competences help build an instrumental base for future technicians. High schools students of Tenaris’s technical programs had the chance to complement their classroom learnings with hands-on experience at Tenaris’s mill in Zalau during a five-week summer internship. The students had the opportunity to undergo training at the mill’s labs joined by their technical teachers, and spend time on the shop floor, engaging in Q&A with Tenaris tutors and experts to learn about robotics and maintenance in an industrial environment.  

“Building learning communities among students and teachers rewards everybody involved in the process. The transfer of knowledge and competencies are essential in assuring the future and evolution of the educational system. We are happy that also during this year, Tenaris built a stronger bridge between our specialists, technical school students and teachers,’’ said Codruta Hodrea, community relations manager for Tenaris in Romania.

More than 100 high school students have participated in Tenaris’ internship program since 2016 which focuses on generating interest for technical careers.

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