Tenaris delivers another round of supplies to fight pandemic in Mexico

Tenaris remains committed to reducing COVID-19 infections in the communities where it operates. In Mexico, the company recently donated 89,000 face masks and 3,000 liters of sanitizing gel to 11 civil organizations, health institutions and municipalities in the state of Veracruz, to provide additional support amid the ongoing pandemic.

Karla Vargas, an administrator with the Mexican Association of Veracruz to help children with cancer (Asociación Mexicana de Ayuda a Niños con Cáncer de Veracruz) said, “We appreciate the donation from Tenaris because, since the pandemic began, we have provided family members and children with cancer who come to the hospital with face masks and sanitizing gel so that they can have a safer trip coming and going home, mitigating contagion.”

Donations were also delivered to health care institutions such as the delegation of the Red Cross in Veracruz, the IMSS Foundation, A.C., a non-profit that works toward improving health and social development, and to the municipal governments of the cities of Boca del Río and Veracruz, where Tenaris’s industrial center in Mexico is located.

“Your donation will be of great help to us to continue the battle against COVID-19, which is having a majr impact on us, but we know that together we will win,” shared Sergio Rodríguez, reception manager with the Mexican Social Security Institute.

In 2020, Tenaris also made donations of supplies and medical equipment  to prevent coronavirus infections in Veracruz.

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