Tenaris joins worldsteel’s annual safety initiative with focus on moving machinery

Today, for the eighth year in a row, Steel Safety Day is taking place around the world and Tenaris is observing the event by reinforcing to its employees the need to think and act safe, always. 

As stated by Paolo Rocca, Chairman and CEO of Tenaris, in a dedicated post published by worldsteel ahead of the event, “Safety is more than a priority for Tenaris. It’s an everyday commitment to action, to understand risks and take every precaution to protect our people.”

By focusing every year on the top five causes of serious safety incidents - moving machinery, working at heights, falling objects, on-site traffic and process safety incidents – worldsteel aims to promote continuous improvement processes and reiterate its commitment to the safety and health of the people who work in the steel industry.

As in previous editions, worldsteel seeks to raise awareness on the overall safety of the steel industry, focusing this year on the hazards of moving machinery and how to prevent accidents and incidents.

Supporting this initiative will help Tenaris to increase awareness among all employees and create a strong safety culture.

Find more information and resources about the Steel Safety Day here.

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