Tenaris launches hydrogen embrittlement resistant THera™ technology

Tenaris presented its newest solution for hydrogen storage and transportation, THera™ technology, or Tenaris Hydrogen Embrittlement Resistant Alloys, to leading players of the segment. Commercial and technology experts from Tenaris offered an overview of the THera™ technology and the company’s advanced product portfolio for the energy transition during the virtual April 22 webcast.

Backed by more than 100 years of experience in the production of large vessels in 200 to 300 bar range, Tenaris offers a wide range of products, in particular for hydrogen distribution and hydrogen storage for refueling stations. With the market moving toward two standard pressure levels for vehicles - 350 bar and 700 bar, respectively, needing 500 and 1000 bar stationary storage – Tenaris’s technology team has been focused on designing flexible and reliable solutions to ensure the highest performance under more elevated working pressures required on the market.

“With decades of experience in compressed hydrogen, we’ve developed new technologies to withstand the embrittlement effect,” explained Erick Escorza, Tenaris Industrial & Process Technology Senior Director. “THera™ technology integrates materials, testing, life assessments, connections and numerical designs to enable storage systems in such severe conditions.”

Thera™ technology offers storage and transportation hydrogen  systems customized for industry needs. Storage systems are designed typically in the range of 200 up to 1000 bars. These systems are used in many applications such as hydrogen refueling stations, tube trailers or buffer accumulators for renewable sources and many other needs that may appear. 

The main benefits of using the THera™ storage system is that it is fully customizable, has a verified fatigue life, is long lasting and completely recyclable.

In addition to the large vessel production, Tenaris coordinates all of its partners’ activities, such as painting, carpentry and onward logistic shipment, worldwide, taking care of all the documentation and necessary certification, as well as providing a wide range of engineering services.

To consolidate its commitment for a more sustainable future, Tenaris sought to have its large vessels certified with the Environmental Product Declaration, that state their environmental performance, based on their Life Cycle Assessment.

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